Online Education Online learning brings school to you, whether you live in a remote area, have restricted school choice nearby, have mobility issues, or simply prefer the home-schooling option but would like teacher support. You may be a family that moves a lot and has to swap schools frequently - with PTP online you never have to change school again, we are always here for you. However, most online learning is distance learning – it is unsupported by real teachers, you have to read the material and work it all out for yourself. Studies show this is not effective learning (read a Financial Times article on this subject). The PTP online school thoroughly overcomes this objection with its high percentage of live classes and consistent offline supervision and support framework. Teachers make all the difference. PTP provides online classes and support for:
* SPM and STPM
* GCE and International A-level * International GCSE O-Level
* IB tutorial support
* SAT/AP classes and tutorial support
* University entrance, UCAS Support, strategies and applications PTP works with other education providers to allow them to expand their range of subjects and services. By choosing POS online learning, you choose a flexible and affordable way to achieve an internationally recognized senior high school qualification. Alternatively, you can choose to use the POS online platform simply to get support for the work you are doing with your current school or education provider. How it works For the student: Each student will have his/her own account. Once logged in, links to each enrolled class will appear on your personal home screen. Following a class link, you will have access to one or more of the following: 1. Link to live online lesson
2. Course materials prepared by the teacher of the class
3. Revision materials for the course
4. Discussion board for the class
5. Links to submit homework and get feedback from teacher
6. Points earned towards final grade
Most of these materials can be accessed via a computer or tablet, allowing you to review classes anytime, anywhere. To participate in a live online lesson, you will have to use a computer connected to the internet via a broadband network. During live lessons, you will be able to see and hear the teacher, ask questions, participate in live discussions, and practice written work under the teacher's supervision. Setting up:
Choose the course type that's right for you by browsing our Choices menu
Contact us to arrange an interview with one of our course counsellors (both student and parent/guardian should be involved in this session) either in person or online
In conjunction with our counsellor, confirm your course of study and choose the subjects that are appropriate In conjunction with our counsellor choose the timeframe to complete your qualification
Confirm your enrollment to an online course (this is a good time to ensure you have the right equipment. Tech specs here)
Make payment (we have a variety of options to suit different budgets)
Login details, computer setup information and a link to the classroom are sent to you along with your timetable and teacher information The classes: You join your lesson or tutorial at the scheduled time. You can see and hear the teacher as well as access resources on screen. You can also interact with other students if part of a group class
As you progress through your course, the teaching notes for the lessons you have completed become available to you at all times in your personal learning area on the system. These are made available to mobile devices as well. Homework, coursework and assignments are set. You can access these and additional resources and send messages to your teacher at all times. Parents/guardians/other carers or supporters can login to review progress and see results of tests taken. We monitor attendance throughout the course and will contact all responsible people if attendance or work levels are poor. A text message will be sent to both the parent/guardian and student if the student is late for a lesson. Students will either need to come to Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu to sit their final exams or get PTP to help arrange an alternative authorized exam venue in their own country. Exam venues are widely available worldwide either at PTP or through a partner or other official venue. Remember, PTP-POS is an online school. Choosing PTP-POS online simply means you are coming to school via the internet. You should expect everything else to be the same as your usual school expectations. You have to attend, you have to behave, you have to interact, you have to perform. Our aim is to make learning as accessible as possible, allowing you to achieve the qualifications you want and follow the educational pathways you desire. PTP-POS will support you every step of the way. Flexible schedules including evening and weekend classes.