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While initially students often come to The PTP to remedy problems they have in their curricula, our Academic Tutoring Department will not only lead them through their academic problems and towards subject mastery, but also take them further, ahead of their in-school instruction. We call this pre-learning. 
We work on 3 key areas:
* Development of student understanding of the subject. *Development of student confidence. *Development of student study skills, to apply their knowledge to more complex questions.
If you want to achieve the best examination classification possible during your time at PTP, you'll not only need to work hard, but you'll also need a wealth of study resources. Many courses have extensive reading lists and trying to buy everything could quickly become extremely costly. Furthermore, you'll also need internet access if you want to source journals, notes and the timeliest of information in order to excel. At the PTP, we realise the importance of this, which is why we provide a wide range of first-class teaching and learning facilities. We have everything that you'll need in order to develop your knowledge and produce high-quality work.